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Welcome to English Level Up! Here you will get an overview of our English lessons and courses in the recommended study order. The easiest level is level 1 and the higher the number the more advanced the lessons and courses will be. An English beginner can advance to fluency by going through the levels in order. You may wish to go directly to our English articles or courses. Or get a complete overview of our English lessons and courses with learning recommendations.

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English Level up by Level

Get a complete overview of each level taught on Language Level Up. Follow our recommended learning path for the best results.

For English courses and lessons on our website, we assume learners have already started learning the language. Maybe because of schooling in your country. Therefore, we pass over the bare basics of English in our courses. In English Level 1 we provide an overview of some of the basics that a person must know before advancing to the 2nd level. Let’s go over what we will learn in this level.

Level 1 Vocabulary: Verbs

For English Level Up Level 1, we review and practice the top 50 verbs in English.
We consider the simple present, simple past, and continuous tenses of each verb.
We practice using the verbs in sentences to explain various situations.

The verb list includes: To Ask, Be, Become, Call, Come, Do, Eat, Feel, Find, Get, Give, Go, Have, Hear, Help, Keep, Know, Learn, Leave, Let, Like, Live, Look, Make, Mean, Meet, Move, Need, Play, Put, Read, Run, Say, See, Show, Sit, Stand, Start, Stop, Take, Talk, Tell, Think, Try, Turn, Use, Want, Watch, Work, Write

Level 1 Vocabulary: Nouns

We go over basic nouns including:

  • Basic Objects, Things
  • Basic People, Family Members, Occupations
  • Basic Places, Time

Level 1 Vocabulary: Adjectives

Level 1 includes basic adjectives such as:

  • Basic Adjectives to Describe People, Objects, Places
  • Basic Feelings
  • Basic Colors

Level 1 Speaking: Basic Conversation

In level 1 we review basic conversation topics such as the following:

  • Introducing yourself
  • Discussing numbers, time, dates, and money
  • Introducing other people
  • Meeting someone for the first time
  • Talk about school or work
  • Talk about your friends or family
  • Asking/Giving directions
  • Talk about daily activities and schedules

Level 1 Extras: Beginner’s Reading and Pronunciation

We didn’t originally include lessons for beginning reading and pronunciation. However, we have created some lessons to get you started with the sounds of the language. We go over letters slowly and clearly to help you practice. These lessons will get you started. Then reading and pronunciation should be apart of your regular learning. Recordings are used along with most of our articles and story courses. Listen and read along with the recordings to improve your reading and pronunciation.

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