English Simple Present Tense: Verbs 6-10

We took a thorough look at the simple present tense of the 5 most important verbs in our first lesson. They are to be, to do, to have, to go, and to get. Now we will go into detail on the next 5 verbs. Practice the words, practice the pronunciation of the verbs, and the example sentences by listening and sounding them out. Let’s get started.

In the examples, you will notice both red and blue words.
The red words highlight the new words in this lesson.
The blue words are what we learned in lesson 1. Continue to review and notice how those verbs are also used throughout new situations.

Verb #6: To Say

To Say Present Simple Tense of To Say

Verb #6 is to say. Here is the simple present tense of ‘to say’ in English.

I, we, you, they: say
He, she, it: says


Doctors say it’s important to eat healthy food.
He always says he’s busy.
When students are in school they should listen to what the teacher says.
The instructions say to first build the frame.
I’m tired”, says Jack.
Whatever the coach says can be trusted.
Sandy and Suzanne say they will meet once a week to study.
Jack’s mom says he gets sick often.

Verb #7: To Think

Simple Present tense of to think in English

Verb #7 is to think.

I, we, you, they: think
He, she, it: thinks


John thinks we should wait longer before making a decision.
I think the museum was wonderful.
What do you think about the new house?
She thinks John is the bravest man she’s ever met.
Jordan doesn’t care about what others think of him.
I think robots will take away most jobs in the future.
If Cathy thinks English is fun, she’ll be able to learn quicker.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to get a puppy right now.

Verb #8: To Know

Simple Present Tense of the English Verb to Know

Verb #8 is to think.

I, we, you, they: know
He, she, it: knows


I know a shortcut home, it’s just ahead.
Anyone who’s been married knows there are good times and bad times.
When speaking in public it’s good to consider what your audience knows about the topic.
No one knows about the secret room except Mr. Phillips.
Do you know where the bank is?
Little Johnny is bored in his math class, he already knows most of what is being taught.

Verb #9: To Make

The Simple Present Tense of the to Make Verb

Verb #9 is to make.

I, we, you, they: make
He, she, it: makes


She makes a good living selling homemade cookies.
Howard makes new friends very easily.
Hey, Sweetie! Could you make lunch today?
Many women agree that wearing nice shows makes you feel good.
It makes no sense to start a project without first considering the cost.
Modern technology makes communicating quick and convenient.
Jane usually makes a lot of mistakes on her school tests.

Verb #10: To Take

To Take - The simple Present Tense to important English verbs.

Verb #10 is to take.

I, we, you, they: take
He, she, it: takes


Take your time!
It takes a lot of work to build a business.
It takes about an hour to walk home from school.
The story takes place in the 5th-century B.C.E.
What does it take to become a doctor?
Janet is pretty sick, she takes a variety of pills every meal.

There we have it, the simple present tense for English verbs 6-10. The verbs are: to say, to think, to know, to make, and to take.

Start practicing right away with the lessons in English Level 1.

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