Meaning of have

Meaning of have:

1. (Verb) to own, to possess, to hold


“He was so poor that he did not even have a name.” – Cruise of Little Dipper

2. (Verb) to eat,


3. (Verb) to get,


“She did not let him have any sugar on his cereal or butter on his bread…” – Cruise of Little Dipper
“You may have all you want for that, but for bubbles, no, no!” – Cruise of Little Dipper

• Meaning of Has

The present tense of the verb ‘have’ is ‘has’ when the subject of the sentence is he, she, it, or 1 thing.


He has…
She has…
It has…
The beach has…

• Meaning of Had

‘Had’ is the past tense of the ‘to have’ verb.


We had a great time last time at the drive-in.
The children had hamburgers and french fries for lunch today.

• Meaning of Having

The continuous tense of ‘to have’ is ‘having’.

The family is having a difficult time finding a new car.
While having lunch, I ran into an old friend.
Having beautiful, smooth skin, Jenny was asked to model.

Have is used with the past participle of verbs when using the present and past perfect tenses.

Present Perfect Examples:

I‘ve (have) seen that movie twice.
She hasn’t gone outside since Monday.
He‘s (has) spent all day fixing his car.

Past Perfect Tense Examples:

She hadn’t gone on a date for over a year.
John’s parents hadn’t seen him for a while.
He hadn’t visited another country since his childhood.