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Ross asks Rachel what ‘she’s doing tonight’? Then he invites Rachel over to his apartment, saying that Chandler and Joey are coming over to help build a bookcase. Ross talks about his break-up. His friends try to encourage him by comparing women to ice-cream. Ross says even if he gets his life together, who can he ask out. Meanwhile, Rachel stays at Monica’s house, crying and watching TV. The scene ends with both Ross and Rachel contemplating their futures.

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Learn Vocabulary and Expressions

• What are you up to ~ ?

Ross asks Rachel the question: ‘What are you up to… tonight’. What does this phrase mean and how can we use it in a sentence?

• To Feel like~ / Don’t feel like~

When someone says they feel like, or don’t feel like doing something, they are telling you they do not want to do it. It could mean they simply don’t want to, but there is also often a reason. The reason could be they feel tired or sick. Let’s see how we can use this phrase in the real world.

• It’s been a long day.

This is a terrific way of expressing that you are tired physically or emotionally because of the events of the day. In the episode of friends Rachel almost got married, ran away, came back to her friends apartment. She truly had a ‘long day’, a very difficult, emotional day. She now wants to take time to rest and think about things. So she tells Ross, ‘It’s been a long day’. Knowing her situation, he readily understood.

• I wish I could but ~

‘I wish I could but…’ is a polite way to tell someone you can’t do something, often because of not being available or able. The phrase is usually followed with ‘but’, and then an excuse. Depending on the excuse offered we can determine if it is sincere or not.

• To have no idea.

‘I have no idea’, is an informal way of you do not know something. It is often said when being asked a question we don’t have the answer to. If we don’t know the answer, but we do have some details we likely will not use this phrase. Be careful with this type of phrase when talking to a boss or teacher.

We could also use ‘have no idea’ to start a statement stating we do not know about something.

• Let me tell you something…

A very useful phrase we can use when we start to give advice, try to comfort or cheer someone up. However this phrase can also be used for more serious settings like giving warnings, or defending oneself by presenting information. Let’s check out some examples of this:

• This is the best thing that ever happened to you…

This phrase can be used in both positive or negative situations. However, we often pair it with something happening most people would not think was good. The example in the episode of Friends is Ross being separated from his wife. This to him is something terrible. His friends tell him it’s the best thing that ever happened to him, in a effort to comfort him. They then continue to explain the bright side of the situation.

• Get it together

This is a great phrase that we can use for our own situation or someone else’s. The idea is that there is some major problems with our life, situation, attitude or feelings. One or more are in a big mess! Getting it together would mean correcting the problems or improving. Let’s dive into some examples:

• Ask (Someone) out

In this case, to ask someone out means to invite someone to go on a date with you. You have a romantic interest in the person and you want to express that through meeting and spending time together. It’s often the idea if it continues that it would mean the two people become a dating couple.

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