Friends – Rachel Runs out on her wedding Video Lesson

Rachel runs out on her wedding, English video lesson. This is the very first part of Friends Season 1 Episode 1. We meet all the characters in this first scene in their favorite hang-out spot, a cafe. We learn a bit about the back story of a few of them. Ross is upset because his wife left him and now he is alone. We meet Rachel as she runs into the Coffee shop looking for Monica, after running away from her wedding. Enjoy the video, and then let’s learn some useful English expressions from the clip.

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Learn Vocabulary and Expressions

In this short video from Friends we find several very useful phrases. Learn the following phrases below with some examples to help you use the new vocabulary and understand when you hear them used.

• I feel like~

In the conversation, Ross describes his feelings be saying “I feel like…” This is an excellent expression that you can also use in daily English. How can you use it?

Describe how you feel.

Ross: “I feel like someone reached down my throat, grabbed my small intestine, pulled it out of my mouth, and tied it around my neck.”

Other Examples:

I feel like I’m drowning.
I feel like I got hit by a bus.
I feel like my arms are going to fall off.

That is one type of use of the phrase. We can also use this phrase to say that we want to do something or that we want something.


I feel like some chocolate cake. (I want to eat some chocolate cake.)
I feel like going for a drive. (I would like to go for a drive)
I feel like dying. (I want to die)
I feel like staying out late tonight. (I want to stay out late tonight)

• I’ll get you some~ / Can I get you some~ ?

Ross is feeling pretty terrible about what has recently happened in his life. As he sits down to talk about it with his sister Monica offers to “get (him) some coffee”. This is a great way to offer to do, buy, or bring something to someone. A little after a worker asks Rachel if she ‘can get (her) some coffee’. So we can see how we can offer something to someone by asking them, using similar words. Also, a worker at a restaurant or coffee shop may use these questions.

Can I get you some coffee?
I’ll get you some coffee.

Other examples:

I’ll get us some lunch.
What can I get you?
Can I get you something to drink?
I’d love to get you a drink!
I’ll get him some popcorn before the show.

• Just leave ~ alone

Ross demands Phoebe to ‘stop cleansing (his) aura, he says to ‘just leave (his) aura alone’. This is a useful expression that we can use, to leave (something/someone) alone. It means to not bother someone when we’re talking about people. When we talk about objects, it means not to touch, play with, etc., It is usually used as a command or a more polite request in the form of a question.


Leave me alone.
Can you leave it alone, please?
Leave the cat alone, it’s scared.
Leave the radio alone.

• to Leave (someone)

Ross’s wife ‘left (him)’ what does this phrase mean? It usually refers to a family member or girlfriend/boyfriend ending their relationship. Ross’s wife left him means she broke up with him. She is not living with him anymore. They are separated.


Since Julie left me, I’ve been having a rough time. (Since Julie broke up with me…/ Since Julie is not my girlfriend anymore…)
My dad left us when I was 10.
John left her last week.

• All of a sudden

This is an excellent phrase we can use to say something unexpected happened. Something happened very fast. It makes a fast change from what was happening before.


All of a sudden, the boy ran in front of the car. (Before the boy was not in front of the car. He was maybe far away from the car. But when the car got close, he quickly ran in front. The driver of the car or other people would be shocked. Because it happened very fast.)
All of a sudden I remembered I had a meeting at 5. (I didn’t remember at all. Then suddenly it popped up I have a meeting! ~Maybe I am very late! Or maybe I already missed it! Oh no!)

• to Freak out

Rachel says “That’s when I really freaked out.” This means she started to panic and get very scared or anxious.

To freak out can also mean to get angry or go crazy about something.

I’m really starting to freak out now. (I’m starting to panic now.)
She started to freak out and scream at us. (She got very angry and started yelling at us.)

• It hit me

This is another useful phrase. It means to suddenly realize, understand, notice, or remember something. We introduce the phrase with something like ‘That’s when…’ / ‘Then…’ / ‘Finally…’ / etc., After the phrase, we will usually say what we suddenly realized, noticed, understood, or remembered.

Rachel: “That’s when it hit me, how much Barry looks like Mr. Potato Head.” (I suddenly realized! He looks like Mr. Potato Head.)

• to look familiar

To look familiar means that when you see something/someone, you feel that you already know it/them.

That pen looks familiar. (I think I’ve seen that pen before. I feel like I’ve seen it before)
She looks familiar. (I saw her before, I feel like I have seen her before.)

We can also use a similar phrase, to sound familiar. Instead of feeling like we have seen something, we think of feel like we have heard it before.

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