Friends – Ross Asks Rachel Out For the First Time

Friends Season 1 Episode 1: Ross Asks Rachel out for the first time. Rachel, Monica, and Ross are all relaxing in the living before bed time. After saying goodnight, Monica goes to her room. Ross and Rachel share a small conversation. Ross tells her that when they were in high school he had a big crush on her. She already knew that, and she also thought of him as Monica’s geeky older brother. Nevertheless, Ross asks Rachel if it would be okay sometime to ask her out. Which she agrees to. He doesn’t ask her out right away but says ‘maybe he will’. They say good night and Ross goes home.

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• To Crash (slang)

Monica asks Ross if he’s going to ‘crash on the couch’, but he replies that ‘he’s got to go home sometime.’

• Hang on

After finding a watch on the floor Rachel uses the term ‘hang on’ right before letting them know she found something.

• To Have a Crush on Someone

Ross admits to Rachel that when they were in high school he had a big crush on her.

• I just figured

Ross continues by saying he ‘always just figured’ she thought he was Monica’s geeky older brother.

• Geeky

Ross says she might have thought he was Monica’s ‘Geeky older brother’.

• To be a Factor

Before asking Rachel a question, Ross prefaces it by telling her not to let his vulnerability ‘become a factor’.

• To ask Out

Ross asks Rachel if it would be okay to ‘ask her out’ sometime.

• What’s with You?

Monica notices that Ross is suddenly in a good mood, so she asks him ‘What’s with you?’

• Grab a Spoon

After being asked why he was in a good mood, Ross replied by saying “I just grabbed a spoon!” Monica though, is left confused.

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