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Learn English with friends, a fun, comedy sitcom centered around the lives of 6 good friends. The series follows their lives as they learn about love, relationships, work, and more. You will learn a lot from the video lessons based on this show. You will learn very useful phrases and expressions that you can use daily when speaking English. The language is often informal making it perfect for speaking among friends, family, classmates, or colleagues. We know you will have a great time every time you learn English with Friends. Let’s jump directly into the lessons. We’ve ordered them so you can easily continue with episodes and seasons that you’ve not yet watched and learned from. Enjoy.

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It’s easy to learn English with Friends. Simply select the season and episode that you left off at. Each lesson features a video from the show. Then we break down useful expressions and phrases for you to learn and understand. You can then see how and when to use those phrases when you’re speaking English.

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Friends Season 1

Get ready to learn some English with Friends Season 1! Each episode is listed below with the appropriate lessons under each heading. Simply start learning, then come back to where you left off to continue. We hope you love the show and that you can learn a lot from our lessons.

Friends Season 1 Episode 1

Friends Season 1 Episode 1 | Learn English with Friends

Friends season 1 episode 1 summary: We first meet the main characters. They are friends who hang out in a coffee shop and discuss their problems and stresses. Ross is having a difficult time because his wife left him. Rachel comes running into the coffee shop wearing a wedding dress, it turns out she just ran out on her wedding. She was looking for Monica because she is one of the only people she knows in the city.

The guys head to Ross’s place to build a bookshelf. They chat and encourage him as they hang out and drink beer. Ross continues to tell them about his problems. The next day, Rachel is supposed to find a job but instead shows up with an expensive pair of boots that she bought with a credit card her ‘father pays for’. They get Rachel to cut up the cards so that she can finally live on her own without relying on her parents anymore.

Ross and Rachel later share a moment. Ross tells Rachel that he had a crush on her when they were younger. Ross asks if he can ask Rachel out on a date some time. She says ‘maybe’, he says ‘maybe I will.’ He doesn’t ask her out right then and there, but he finally feels better. The next day, at the coffee shop the friends are hanging out again and it turns out that Rachel started working there.

Learn English with Friends Season 1 Episode 1 Lessons:

Friends Season 1 Episode 2

Learn English with Friends | Friends Season 1 Episode 2

In the second episode of Friends season 1 Ross finds out that his ex-wife is pregnant. She and her girlfriend are going to have the baby, meaning he’s going to become a father. When he comes home he announces it to everyone the same day he and Monica’s parents are coming for dinner.

As always their parents criticize everything about Monica. She spent the day stressing and trying to make her home perfect for their visit. When they visit, they complement everything about Ross, complain about Monica until she pleads for Ross to let them know about his predicament. He then tells them about the reason for his wife leaving him and how he will be a father soon.

Rachel has troubles of her own. She almost loses her wedding ring. Thankfully she finds it, but then she needs to confront her ex, Barry, and give it back to him. While cleaning the coffee shop before closing after her shift, Ross and Rachel talk about their problems.

The next day, Rachel goes to Barry’s office to return the ring, and Ross goes to the hospital for his ex-wife’s sonogram. He embarrasses himself quite a bit and argues with Carol and Susan about the baby. Just as he thinks he can’t handle the situation and is about to leave, he hears his baby’s heartbeat and melts.

Meanwhile, Rachel visits Barry and gives the ring back to him. She also finds out that Barry went on their honeymoon with one of Rachel’s friends, which angers her.

Learn English with Friends Season 1 Episode 2 Video Lessons

Friends Season 1 Episode 3

Learn English with Friends | Season 1 Episode 3

The third episode of friends is really fun. Chandler helps Joey rehearse lines for an audition. Then Chandler ends out showing Joey how he has to smoke. Chandler used to smoke, as soon as he smokes a bit again he gets hooked. Later while the friends are together at the coffee shop, Chandler tries to hide his smoking, but Monica catches him.

Phoebe comes in with her own troubles. She got $500 extra in her account. The bank made a mistake and now she is troubled with having the money. Some friends think she should keep or spend the money. She can’t though. After trying to sort out the mess, the bank credits her another $500 and sends her a free gift. She is even more tortured by the dilemma.

Monica has a new boyfriend, named Alan. She is worried about introducing him to her friends because they usually hate all of her boyfriends. But they fall in love with him after meeting him. Monica is surprised that her friends like him so much, she later decides to break up with him. That is devastating to her friends though.

Phoebe’s problems get worse when she gives the $1000 away. She gives it away to a homeless woman, who she let’s buy her a soda. The soda turned out to have a cut off thumb in it. She ends out getting $7000 from the company. Chandler continues smoking, to defend himself he turns the other 5 friends on each other about their flaws. They all argue and fight. After talking with Alan over the phone Chandler decides to quit smoking.

Learn English with Friends Season 1 Episode 3

Friends Season 1 Episode 4

Learn English with Friends Season 1 Episode 4

In friends season 1 episode 4 Chandler, Joey, and Ross go out to a hockey game, despite Ross frequently recalling memories about being with Carol. At the game, Ross gets hit in the nose a puck that is shot up into the crowd. They go

Rachel receives her first paycheck from Central Perk, she is surprised by the amount and how tax is taken away. Three of her rich friends find their way to the cafe. They are quite snobby and look down on Rachel’s current work. Rachel later is quite upset and worked up about her situation. Monica and Pheobe try to encourage her. Instead, Rachel makes them all depressed.

They end out spying on one of their neighbors after receiving the wrong pizza order. Then they spend the evening talking on the apartment balcony. Ross and the guys spend time waiting in the hospital waiting room until finally getting treated.

Learn English with Friends Season 1 Episode 4

Friends Season 1 Episode 5

Learn English with Friends Season 1 Episode 5

While hanging out at the coffee shop, as usual, Joey’s ex-girlfriend comes in. She’s looking great, and Joey starts talking with her. She tells him that she’s seeing a new guy named Bob, and turns Joey down. He asks to go on a double date with her and Bob, saying that he’ll bring his girlfriend, Monica. He then tries to convince Monica to go with him.

Ross and Rachel do laundry together. Chandler tells him that means he’s going on a date with her. This makes Ross suddenly get extremely nervous. Ross helps Rachel with her laundry, it’s the first time she’s done her own laundry. She left a red sock in her whites, and everything turned pink. Rachel gets in a fight with a woman over a laundry basket and after winning she kisses Ross. He gets completely flustered and walks right into a machine.

Chandler meets his girlfriend, Janice. He is planning to break-up with her. He has a real hard time breaking up with her but finally spits it out saying they should no longer go out. Then she starts to cry. Chandler drinks a whole bunch of cappuccino and breaks out with a ton of energy. Phoebe eventually helps him finalize the breakup.

Monica goes on the double-date with Joey. It takes her a while to figure it out. She first thinks the other couples are brother and sister, but finally figured it out. Joey and Monica then come up with a plan to break up the couple so that Joey can date his ex again and she can date Bob. Continue to the lessons to learn English with Friends S01E05.

Learn English With Friends Season 1 Episode 5

Friends Season 1 Episode 6

Learn English with Friends Season 1 Episode 6 | Friends S01E06

Learn English with Friends season 1 episode 6. The gang goes to see Joey at one of his plays. However the play was pretty terrible, they all hated it. At the theater, Chandler notices a very beautiful woman. He thinks she’s out of his league, but his friends encourage him to give it a shot. He was quite nervous but asked her out. She agreed and they went on a date. It turns out she was married and has another boyfriend. After seeing her a few times, Chandler attempts to get her to break up with her husband and boyfriends and have a relationship only with him. However, he’s unsuccessful at convincing her.

Rachel ‘cleaned’ her and Monica’s apartment. However, Monica is not happy about it. She has ‘her way’. Everything has to be exactly the way she likes it. The guys all agree that Monica is obsessed with being organized. They tease her about it. Monica then tries to break her vicious cycle of being a neat freak. She tries to prove it to her friends but is miserable because of it.

Joey lands the role of Al Pacino’s ‘butt double’. He is quite happy about the part, though the others laugh at him about it. He goes for the shooting but makes the director angry and gets fired from the part. He later relates that it was ‘his big break’ and that he ‘blew it’. His friends assure him it wasn’t his big break yet, that it will come someday.

Learn English with Friends Season 1 Episode 6

Friends Season 1 Episode 7

Learn English with Friends S01E07

Let’s learn English with Friends S01E07. To summarize the episode, there is a blackout in New York. Chandler gets stuck at the bank, in the ATM area. The door won’t open. He’s happy that he gets stuck because he gets trapped there with an attractive woman. The rest of the guys hang out at Monica’s place with lit candles chatting.

Ross and Rachel share a moment talking. Joey tells Ross that it’s never going to happen. That he is stuck in the ‘friend zone’. Joey tells him to go up and tell Rachel how he feels. He finally decides ‘to go for it’. Ross gets the chance to talk to Rachel when they are alone on the balcony. However, before he gets the words out he gets attacked by a cat.

Chandler remains stuck at the bank with the girl. He’s so nervous that everything he does and says comes out wrong. He keeps embarrassing himself and feels like an idiot. But somehow he makes a good impression and they end out playing little games to pass the time.

When trying to look for the owner of the cat by going to see their neighbors, Rachel meets Paolo. Ross gets a little jealous of him as Rachel ‘keeps touching him’. Ross confronts Paulo, although he doesn’t speak or understand much English. He wants to keep Rachel for himself and shoe Paulo away. Later, the candles get blown out, and it’s complete darkness. The lights come back on just in time for everyone to see Rachel and Paulo kissing. Which is heartbreaking for poor Ross.

Learn English with Friends Season 1 Episode 7

Friends Season 1 Episode 8

At work, a colleague offers to set Chandler up on a date. When she told chandler about the ‘guy’ she thought was perfect for him, Chandler was taken aback. After relating the story to the guys, asking if they could believe that. All the girls said they thought he was gay the first time they met him. This angers Chandler quite a bit. He begins trying to figure out the reason people might think that.

Monica and Ross receive a call about their Nana, who isn’t doing well. They go visit her in the hospital, where she passes away. They prepare for the funeral. Ross has to climb into her closet and with relatives has to find her clothes and shoes to be dressed in.

They all go to attend the funeral. While walking around Ross falls into the dugout grave. He is given some pain killers at the reception. He gets loopy and tells Rachel he loves her, but she just thinks he’s out of it and not serious. He then passes out and sleeps on Rachel’s lap. Monica shares a conversation with her mother. And Joey who was listening to the game on a radio drew all the guys in to listen together.

Learn English with Friends Season 1 Episode 8

Friends Season 1 Episode 9

Let’s continue to learn English with Friends episode 9. This is a thanksgiving episode. Rachel isn’t trying to gather enough money so that she can spend thanksgiving with her family. Joey shows up to the coffee shop wearing makeup. He says he’s now model/actor, the guys all make fun of him for it. Monica offers to make thanksgiving dinner. They all have their own plans but end up having dinner together.

Ross visits his ex-wife’s house to pick up some of his stuff. While there he learns that Carol and her girlfriend talk to the baby although not born yet. Ross wants to spend time talking to the baby too and feels it’s unfair. Ross takes a shot at going to talk to his ‘unborn child’. He goes there and talks and sings. When the baby hears him, it starts kicking.

At the subway, Joey runs into a women he once had a gig with. He invites her out for a drink. She agrees but then disappears when she sees a poster with Joey on it. It’s a poster advertisement for a disease. His whole family also thinks he has the disease so his family plans are called off.

Rachel gives up trying to earn enough to visit her family. Her friends all chipped in some money to help her go. Chandler gets a bag of munchies from Monica for ‘his thanksgiving’. His big problem with thanksgiving is because when he was 9, his parents announced their divorce at thanksgiving time. They all rush to the roof when Chandler comes to say a giant balloon dog was let loose and is floating over the city. They get locked out of the apartment, Rachel misses her flight, and thanksgiving dinner gets burnt and ruined.

Learn English with Friends Season 1 Episode 9

Friends Season 1 Episode 10

Friends Season 2

Learn English with Friends Season 2. We’re sure you’ve learned a lot already from Season 1. Are you ready to continue with the second season? Let’s jump right to it.

Friends Season 3

Learn English with Friends Season 3.

Friends Season 4

Learn English with Friends Season 4.

Friends Season 5

Learn English with Friends Season 5.

Friends Season 6

Learn English with Friends Season 6.

Friends Season 7

Learn English with Friends Season 7.

Friends Season 8

Learn English with Friends Season 8.

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