Friends – Rachel Welcome to the Real World Video Lesson

Rachel is learning to live on her own apart from her parents and her parent’s money. This proves to be a real challenge for Rachel since she still does not have a job and has been still using credit cards her father pays for. After finding out about this her friends get her to cut her father’s credit cards so that she will be forced to truly be independent. They warmly ‘welcome her to the real world’ of surviving by oneself and earning their own money.

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Learn Vocabulary and Expressions

In this short video, Friends – Rachel Welcome to the Real World, there are some very common and useful English expressions for you to learn and practice! Let’s take a look at some of them.

• to Make a Difference

Chandler talks about going to work and doing his job. But he mentions that it wouldn’t make a difference if he did or not.

• Are You Kidding?

When Ross asked Rachel if she found a job, she replied by saying ‘are you kidding?’ She then told them she was not trained for anything and was laughed at during 12 interviews.

• to be Upbeat

Despite not finding a job, Chandler says that Rachel is ‘surprisingly upbeat’.

• to Live Off of

Rachel’s friends tell her that she can’t ‘live off her parents forever’.

• Give ___ a Break

When everyone was telling Rachel that she can’t live off her parents, Phoebe tells them to ‘give Rachel a break’.

• Live on ___ Own

Phoebe talks about the difficulties of ‘living on your own’.

• I know How You Feel

Phoebe then tries to comfort Rachel starting with the expression, I know how you feel… She then related her own story.

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