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We organize our lessons into three categories:
Reading-Based Lessons, Video-Based Lessons, and Speaking Topics.

1. Reading Lessons: We focus on learning new vocabulary and practicing pronunciation. Lessons are based on stories and books. First, read the story. Second, practice the pronunciation with a recording. Third, learn the vocabulary and phrases that are highlighted.

2. Video Lessons: We focus on learning everyday language. You can learn useful phrases, idioms, and expressions you can use when speaking the language. Lessons are based on popular movies, TV shows, music, talk shows, comedy, and more. First, watch the video and listen carefully to the conversations. Second, learn the expressions we highlight. Third, as a review, rewatch the video listening for the phrases you learn.

3. Speaking Topics: For those making full use of our lessons, we will have speaking practice with these topics. First, study the lesson. Second, prepare for the topic based on what you learn. Third, sign-up for the speaking practice when it is announced.

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Learn English Level Up | Language Level Up

Here are our lessons designed to help you level up in the English language. You may wish to go directly to the English level up page to view all available English lessons, or you can view some of our newest lessons for the categories below. Language Level Up lessons are divided into 3 categories:

English Reading Lessons

The first category is our lessons for reading. You can enjoy learning English with books and stories. Reading lessons are great for learning vocabulary, proper grammar, sentence structure, and in many cases, more academic language. We also focus on practicing and improving pronunciation in these lessons.

Learn English with Stories | Language Level Up

With stories, you will be able to greatly advance your reading skills, comprehension, and English vocabulary. It’s the goal of our story lessons to help you learn to understand what you read, including the English words and expressions that are used in the story. Along with each story lesson, is an opportunity to also improve your listening and pronunciation. We include an audio file for each lesson that you can use to hear the sounds of English. You can read along with the audio and fix your pronunciation, if needed, along the way. Go to view all available English stories here.

Popular Stories: The Cruise of the Little Dipper,

Latest English Story Lessons:

English Video Lessons

The second category is lessons utilizing videos of all kinds. They include lessons on movies, TV shows, talk shows, and much more. These lessons will prove very helpful in learning real-life English. These lessons will help you improve speaking and listening along with common phrases, expressions, and idioms. You will also learn how to use them in the proper context.

Learn English With TV | Language Level Up

Learning English with TV shows is a very fun way to improve your English quickly. You will be able to learn real-world English used naturally in everyday situations. This includes conversational English at school, at work, at home with the family, or with friends. You’ll learn so much from an assortment of real scenarios. You’ll learn how to use common phrases and expressions including idioms and slang. Depending on the TV show, you may also learn specialized English such as in the context of law enforcement or medicine. Below are a few of our latest video lessons for you to start learning right away. Or you may wish to view all of our TV show lessons.

Top TV Shows: Friends,

Latest TV Show Video Lessons

Language level up with music has never been easier. It’s fun and easy to learn with our English music lessons. View all English lessons based on music.

Recent lessons based on Music

English Speaking Topics

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Introduce Yourself in English | Learn English with Language Level Up
Introduce Yourself in English

Introduce yourself in English for this speaking topic. We will discuss basic information and questions that people usually discuss when meeting for the first time. After going through the lesson mate…

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Coming Soon…

Coming Soon…

Mandarin Level Up | Chinese Level Up @ Language Level Up

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Our hope is to help you ‘level up’ in any language that you’re taking on. We hope you can have success in your new language. It’s our goal to aid you in the quest to master any language you’ve set your heart on, for any beneficial purpose.

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